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Investigation of Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis in Indonesia

Advisor: Dr. Vance Vredenburg, San Francisco State University

Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis (Bd) is a deadly pathogen known to cause amphibian mortality and resultant population declines in many areas around the world. Extensive Bd sampling has been done in areas were massive mortalities have been witnessed including North, Central and South America and Australia. Yet, very minimal Bd sampling has been done in Asia and SE Asia where no Bd caused die-offs of amphibians have been recorded. Indonesia is considered an amphibian biodiversity hotspot,  yet it is unknown if Bd is a threat to amphibians due to lack of substantial sampling efforts. I will conduct a systematic Bd sampling effort in a minimum of 16 locations across the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia to determine whether Bd is present and possibly an impending threat. Because Bd is known to include lineages that vary in pathogenicity, I will also identify the genetic strain of Bd to confirm whether any Bd found in Sulawesi is an endemic strain or an introduced strain (e.g. Global Panzootic strain) that could have the potential to spread and cause severe threat to Indonesian amphibians. Considering the extent of worldwide declines of amphibians, information on Bd in Indonesia could give scientists and conservationists a head-start in preparing and mitigating the spread of this deadly pathogen and in understanding the global pandemic.


A manuscript for this research has been accepted for publication by the African Journal of Herpetology for their 2015 edition!